Quantum Healing Multidimensional Modules & Frequencies

Multidimensional Quantum Healing Modules & Frequencies


Divine Alchemy Healing Modules & Frequencies


Imagine a Divine Light Alchemy session, where we facilitate your alignment to the 7th plane (Heaven on Earth).
We first access your Holographic Body, and scan for the “Patterns” creating the specific issue.
Connecting to the Divine, we allow the most beneficial Channeled Frequencies of Higher Consciousness, AH Codes,
MED & Holosets Modules from the Quantum Healing Field & a Multidimensional Library to be downloaded, applied
and activated into your energy bodies & chakras to initiate your body’s innate healing abilities. 

That is the Divine Alchemy & Magic that is available from within the Quantum Scalar Pyramid Healing Chamber.      

The “Patterns of Illness” are the deeply buried underlying information matrix fields, which are at the root core cause of physical, energetic, emotional, mental, or spiritual manifestations of the “dis-ease” pattern of physical health issues. 
They are also a contributor to any other long standing life challenges is all areas of your life.

You may be currently experiencing the physical manifestation of this “illness” or possibly had this in the past.   Once extracted and dissolved, it can no longer energize or uphold the current manifestation. 

Using the many new Divine Light Alchemy protocols, we do a very deep scan to identify the Specific Information Matrix field that is fueling & creating your situation. We are searching your whole Energetic  system, within each of the levels, (Physical Body, Etheric/Prana, Emotional, Mental, Karmic, Spiritual/Soul Level & Divine.), on all planes and all of your existences.
This includes all of your timelines, Simultaneous lifetimes and parallel lifetimes.   

Once the Illness Pattern is discovered, we extract, dissolve, delete, and transmute the Information matrix on 7 levels and 12 Dimensions. so the “Illness pattern can no longer reverberate in our system and cause future issues.  

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