Golden Perfect 5th & Emerald Tablet Session

Divine Light Alchemy Emerald Tablet & Perfect 5th Session 


New Emerald Tablet and The Golden Perfect 5th Frequencies Clearing & Transmission Session

Divine Light Alchemy, Emerald Tablet & The Golden 5th Frequencies Transmission and a Past Life, Ancestral Karmic Clearing & Healing. Ancient Egyptian Method, Healing Modules & Healing Frequencies. “Past Life Shadow Dances

“The Emerald Tablet Specific set of frequencies combined with the Golden Perfect 5th sound frequency that activates the Miracle Molecule provide a profound healing session. 

The Healing energy, frequencies and vibrations within the Emerald Tablet are designed to expand awareness, develop the soul, and enable the flow of pure and luminous energies. They adapt to the client’s specific personal situations and requirements to work on and provide at an individual level.  

Healing, Balancing Benefits of Application of Emerald Tablet Frequencies: 

The maximum effect is felt on the 3rd, 6th and 7th Chakras. The frequencies infuse and energize them, untangles them, removes existing blockages and negative patterns & programs, (including the karmic ones).

Works towards removing and cancelling ancestral patterns & programs, but also eliminates, reformats and restores ancestral scenarios of the past, (on an individual basis for each person, only for their highest and best).

Aims to bring about transformation, the rebirth of your new Infinite Self, and a new raised consciousness which helps the development of your soul.

Increases your vibratory resonance level, providing stability and assists you to discover qualities of the highest level within yourself.

Boosts awareness and the expression of your free will.

Assists you to obtain the protection and support of Divine Higher powers.

Boosts the awakening and triggering inside you of the pure energies of life, love, light and inner knowing.

Helps you to improve your ability in the conscious creation of a new reality.

Promotes conscious thinking and the control of different ways of thinking.

Improves how you see and understand the world, for example, that chance is not accidental, but a consequence and an embodiment of your thoughts, acts and desires.

Enhances the ability to filter true information from false information. 

Charges the physical and subtle bodies with power by setting in motion individual physiological recovery and rejuvenation patterns and programs. 

Aims to cleanse the conscience and the subconscious, to eliminate negative attitudes, limitations, fears, suffering, inner pain and psychological traumas, leading to important life changes.

Improves self-confidence, helps in feeling all-consuming love towards yourself and those around you.

Improves the connection between the subtle and physical planes, so helping you to understand and to take your individual place in society, and to accept yourself as being part of the universe – a unique whole.

The Golden Perfect 5th Sound Frequencies Transmission:

“The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu referred to the fifth as the sound of universal harmony between the forces of Yin and Yang. In India, the fifth is believed to create a sound through which Shiva calls Shakti to the dance of life.

Apollo, the Greek God of Music and Healing, plucked the fifth on his Sacred lyre to call dolphin messengers to Delphi, where they channeled messages to the oracles.

The Alchemists called the interval of a fifth crux ansata and considered it to be a transition point where matter crossed over into spirit. The crux ansata, also called the Anak by the Egyptians, is a still point where the earth ends and our ascension into spirit begins. For them the number five was numerologically the perfect combination of even (two) and odd (three) representing the unity of heaven and earth.

Ancient Alchemists also believed The Perfect 5th was a doorway to transformation. 

Sounding the perfect fifth is a general sound tonic. Some of the sound healing benefits of the fifth are: alleviates depression; enhances joint mobility; balances Earth with spirit; directly stimulates nitric oxide release that is anti bacterial, anti viral and enhances the immune system, balances the heart, pituitary gland and sphenoid bone, balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.”

The Perfect 5th effects it has on the body has been called the Activator of the Miracle Molecule, Nitric Oxide.

During my own Spiritual Journey to the lower dimensions, (often referred to as the dark night of the soul), the Guidance I received, while there to learn deep wisdom, was to begin using the Emerald Tablet to assist me in receiving new information and remembering what I incarnated here to do this lifetime. 

This Divinely Inspired unique combination of the Emerald Tablet and the Perfect 5th is what we now offer everyone.   

Divine Light Alchemy Past Life, Ancestral Karmic
Clearing & Healing. Ancient Egyptian Method, Healing 
Modules & Healing Frequencies. (“Past Life Shadow Dances”).
Emerald Tablet & Perfect 5th Frequencies Transmission.

30 Minute Session Phone
Session price: $250.00
Item Name:DRDLA-EMTAB-P-5th



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