Quantum Egyptian Divine Magical “Sweeps.”


This New Divine Light Alchemy Dimensional Clearing Process, I term, “Divine Magical Sweeps,” combine several amazing techniques.

I learned the basic technique from the Egyptian Biogeometry Foundation training.
While I was doing a scan on a past life ancestral pattern of poverty, my spiritual team showed me a shimmering
“net” that magically scooped up all of the energetic debris associated with the pattern and cleared everything.

The more I did this process, the more it evolved and has become a vital part of my clearings and healings.
They are especially useful, when clearing detrimental energies from environments.

I use the “Magical Sweeps” to scan, search, identify & then clear & dissolve the specific matrix field of information of whatever required disentangling, clearing & releasing.  They have been programmed to include a very large list of discordant, detrimental, energies, programs, patterns, etc., that are creating the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, or spiritual patterns of any specific Issues & challenges in the major areas of our life, Health, Abundance, Relationships, Career & Wisdom/Spiritual.

Using the Divine Light Alchemy Magical Sweep, with the Modules & Frequencies, we are also including, within in each of the levels, (Physical Body, Etheric/Prana, Emotional, Mental, Karmic, Spiritual/Soul Level & Divine.), all planes and all of your existences in all of your timelines.

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