Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Bio-Resonance

The Missing Key To Opening Your Doorway To Infinite Possibilities


Your Personal “Divine Light Alchemy” Scalar Wave Matrix Infused Bio Resonance Remedy

Please Note, for the last several years, I was divinely Guided to start creating a “FREE” personalized Bio-resonance Remedy for everyone purchasing a “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Scalar Session.
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The quick & easy method of deleting all of your cellular “Clusters of the Mind”
with your own Personally Created Bio Resonance Remedies.Divine Light Alchemy Personalized BioResonance Remedy

The “Divine Light Alchemy” Personal Remedy works on the bio-energetic field at the deepest level of the cells to harmonize and balance the body.

Using the Divine Light Alchemically created Remedy is the best method of dissolving and harmonizing the disturbed electro-magnetic frequencies produced by energy stagnations.

Once the remedy has been imprinted with your holographic signature, it will then be put through the
Divine Light Alchemy Scalar Alchemical Enhancement Process.

This creates your Personal Matrix Remedy, carrying the perfect information, which has the capability to change the structure of water within your cells/DNA/RNA and it will alter the resonance of you inner clusters, clearing the mind-brain mechanism to become more electrically neutral. Your remedy quickly begins the process of disentangling and deleting the old patterns of the clusters that jam you up.

Personal Bio-Resonance Remedy

The Divine Light Alchemy Scalar Energy Bio-Resonance Remedy and Quantum Vortex Clearing Package includes:

A 1 ounce bottle of 9 X Structured Water, mailed to you once payment is received.
The Divine Light Quantum Scalar Alchemical Bio-Resonance Enhancement
One (20 minute) distant energy transmission / healing, which includes monitoring, Quantum Vortex Reintegration & Alignment,
and/or healing work, during your releasing process to support your “cluster busting” process, within the 15 day period after
receiving your remedy.
Brief email follow-ups

Please Note: This Bio-Remedy and Quantum Distant Transmission/Healing does NOT include a phone session call.

Once we receive your “Holographically Imprinted” Dosage Bottle, it goes through our unique Divine Light Matrix technology for it’s
“Light Coding” enhancement frequencies & programming. Once completed it creates a completely new Holographic Bio-Resonance Remedy with the perfect information for your infinite being, which has the capability to change the structure of water within your cells/DNA/RNA.

Your remedy is mailed to you within several days.
When taken by dropper doses it will alter the resonance of the inner clusters, clearing the mind-brain mechanism to become more electrically neutral.

Recommended dosage is several drops under your tongue, twice daily.
Once you begin taking the Divine Light Alchemy remedy, it immediately begins the process by gently disentangling, deleting and a complete re-alignment of the old patterns held locked in place by the mind clusters.

Your remedy should last 28 -30 days, which is the perfect time to begin to perceive subtle changes in your mind chatter, beliefs, habits and a new lightness of being.

Please remember, since we each carry a unique package of “mind clusters”, some may even be carried over from many lifetimes, and if your package of “clusters” is very large, you may find it beneficial to continue with the remedy over a longer period and additional Divine Light Remedies and follow-up sessions are especially advisable if you have had long standing health conditions, issues and challenges.

Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Bio-Resonance Remedy


Cost $197.00
Shipping & Handling $12.98

Please note – This is Advanced Clearing work and it is Highly Recommended in Order to Receive the Most Benefits from the “Divine Light” Alchemy Bio-Resonance Remedy, that you have been a client who has worked with me within the last 6 months.

What Are “Clusters of The Mind”?

“As humans we live inside the clusters of our mind. They feel normal, so it is very hard to see how they regiment our lives. We follow what we know and what conformity suggests for us. All the while, we congratulate ourselves pretending we are making decisions from free will.”

There was a very interesting article in Der Spiegel, in Germany, a while ago, that asked do we really have free will or do we just respond from neurological impulses that come from deep within the brain?

“The Der Spiegel article says that the brain is tricking the ego. Neurobiologist and philosopher Gerhard Roth claims that research on the human brain reveals that free will is merely the result of mechanisms inside the human psyche, which are not so ““free””. The brain may make a final decision, but there are other components which heavily influence the decision-making process: genes, accumulated life experiences, tribal influences, as well as our primal instincts so to speak, all of which are in effect the clusters I speak of.

“All physical action by the human body is pre-empted as certain signals in the brain. So those actions, which we think are free will are in effect the result of electrical neurological discharges that determines the up-coming action. So do we freely decide to move the body, or are we just responding to electrical signals that tell us to move?
Roth claims that our consciousness and psyche, which can now be watched in action by modern brain scanners, are in fact being built by the electrical signals of the brain. Meaning, electricity creates the reality of the ““I Am”” condition, which we say is the free will of the ego. And while the ego can override certain decisions and impulses of the limbic brain, it doesn’t usually do that. It’s the clusters and feelings, hopes and fears deep within that have the last say in what action we choose.”

“Gerhard Roth says that free will is a construct, because it can be reconstructed. For example, the sense of liberty can be simulated in the human mind by electrically stimulating certain areas of the brain. So are we actually free or we just responding to impulses that create the sense of liberty? For in reality those electrical impulses have no idea if we are free or not. It is hard to work out what is real and what is just electricity in the brain. I think the overall answer is we do have free will and we don’t use it very much. We naturally track along lines of action that are familiar to us no matter how destructive they are or how poorly they have performed in the past.” Stuart Wilde

Energy Stagnations

“Water is life, in fact, living matter is mostly composed of water (our body for instance is made up of 70-80 % water). The quality of life is strictly related to the quality of water and its capacity to receive information through weak electro-magnetic fields. Water has the ability to retain information with which it has come into contact”.

The latest material from Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Candace Pert and others describes how information is stored in our cells.

“Every emotion that we experience good or bad is written in our body cells i.e. in the water inside the cells. These various pieces of information are located at different levels of the body’s tissues and cells. The oldest information relates to childhood. From a purely energetic point of view and according to the holographic essence of the body, this is located in brain cells in the cerebellum and in the DNA-RNA cell structures.”

For example, let us consider a child who has had a very bad experience, such as being attacked by a dog. At the time of the accident, this strong negative emotion will be written on the surface of the psychosomatic information storage system of the body, i.e. the biochemistry of the cell membranes, the tissues of the muscles and the intestine.”

(These create, what may also be termed a Traumatic Matrix)

“DNA-RNA energy will not be involved yet. If this negative information is not promptly removed, it begins to move deeper into the higher biological systems, like the brain cells and the DNA-RNA structures. Thus the now-adult child is, unconsciously, still relating to that old negative emotion. This person will be limited by his or her old retained fear of a dog attack and even simple images of this animal can provoke an anxious state of mind. Consider also the storage of this negative information, which requires a good deal of energy that is “stolen” from normal bodily activities, therefore reducing its capacity to work properly. This, what might be termed, so called “energy stagnation” is located at different levels of strati-fication, depending on the time that we have allowed it to remain within. Now the question is, how can we get rid of this negative information, which is conditioning us even if we have consciously forgotten it? This conditioning absorbes “life energy”.

We are indeed energy batteries which provide the power of “life”. The question remains: to which part of reality do we want to give power through our lives? To the “ponderous” part – continuing therefore to sustain this energy through nourishing our stagnation and conditionings, or to the “light” part – purifying us of old burdens.” Johann Euringer

The Holographic Imprinting Process:

After you order your Remedy, a special kit will be mailed to you. with specific instructions.

Your Kit includes a Specially prepared bottle of Divine Light Alchemically Structured Water
specially programmed and ready to receive your Holographic Imprint.

Step 1. Very Important Do not allow anyone else to touch your bottle.

Step 2. Prepare yourself for the Imprinting Process:

Schedule a time when you will not be distracted or disturbed. Turn off all distractions, your phone,
text messages, email, etc. Don’t worry it is a quick process, however it is Vital that you are present and mindful.
Sit quietly as you get into a meditative state. Take several deep breaths. Visualize something that raises your vibration, and brings joy to your heart. Read out loud the first set of printed Intentions you received.

Step 3. Hold your bottle in your hand gently recite the next set of intentions as you touch
the bottle to each of your 7 chakras.

Step 4. Focus on your specific issue that you want addressed. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, this imprinting process with capture a holographic image of your energetic bodies and it will include much more than your mind can think of.

As you concentrate on your issue hold the bottle firmly and shake it for a few moments.

Step 5. Now simply embrace a sense of gratitude for the healing you have already received by simply starting this process.

State: Thank You, It is Done, It is Done, It is Done.

Step 6. Wrap up your bottle, and return it to me in the package you received in your kit and mail it back to m

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