An affirmation is a form of decree. The spoken word is powerful, especially when it is couched in positive terms. The simplest prayer for preparation to work with SRT is: The father and I are one. Another very powerful prayer or affirmation is: “God is showing me the way to perfect love” (after the dissolution of my first marriage I came across these words in a daily word magazine. They struck a very strong chord in my mind. I thought that if anyone needed to learn about perfect love, it was I. I was not looking for a mate, just the expansion of the love consciousness. I began to use this decree during my meditations. I would emphasize the first word in a statement and then the second word and third, etc. Like this, God is showing me the way to perfect love. God is showing me the way to perfect love. God is showing me the way to perfect love. There are nine words, so the decree was expressed nine times. What I did not know was it was a novena. In the Roman Catholic Church, a novena is a devotion of nine consecutive days, made for some special religious purpose. Nine is the number of spiritual completion, it is the Trinity Square, 3X3, after starting and using the decree for 45 days, spirit revealed the strong love I have for Mary Ann. I went to a church potluck and took a seat across from Mary Ann.  I heard a voice in my mind say, you have been praying for the perfect love. Their it is! Thank you spirit! In order to establish greater good in your life. I suggest using the affirmation “God is showing me the way to perfect love”. Here is what he was told: The way to manifest the things that are being held in the spiritual realms for you, is to ask High Self to create positive archetypes in the fifth Eden, and then use the power of Spirit’s love to generate the actual items in your physical reality.

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