Ultimate Past Life Karmic Ancestral Clearings

Vibrational Radiesthesia Healing Sessions

Clearing The Underlying Pattern, Information Matrix Field on All Energy Bodies, Planes & Timelines

Transcending Trauma Through All of Your Timelines

Quantum Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" Channel Healing Frequencies

Multidimensional Quantum Healing Modules & Frequencies

Divine Light Alchemy 


Multidimensional Vibrational Radiesthesia,
Spiritual Clearings, Quantum Cosmic Theurgy MAYA Channel Frequencies & Healing Modules.


Vibrational Radiesthesia

Radiesthesia describes an ability to detect radiation emitted by a person, animal, object or geographical feature.

“Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information.”  Dr. Ibraham Karim


Absolute Past Life Karmic Ancestral Clearings

Past life, Karmic Ancestral Clearings are where all of the Divine Light Alchemy sessions begin.

Over the years, I have trained with many Teachers, Masters, & Healers, and I have learned many clearing & healing processes and systems, so I provide the most in-depth & optimal multidimensional  sessions.       

Transcending Trauma

I have been clearing, releasing & healing Trauma since I started my Healing Journey, whether is occurred this lifetime, past life trauma and the ancestral trauma we all carry. So it would make sense that I would always include addressing all types of trauma with the Divine Light Alchemy Magical Sweeps to go infinite levels wide & infinite levels high to transform & transcend Trauma.


Dissolving & Releasing

The “Pattern of Illness”

The “Patterns of Illness” are the deeply buried underlying information matrix fields, which are the root cause of physical, energetic, emotional, mental, or spiritual manifestations of the “dis-ease” pattern of physical health issues.

Using the Divine Light Alchemy protocols, Modules & Frequencies, we scan, identify & dissolve the specific Information Energy system, within each of the levels, (Physical Body, Etheric/Prana, Emotional, Mental, Karmic, Spiritual/Soul Level & Divine.), on all planes and all of your existences and including all of your timelines.   

Multidimensional Quantum Healing Modules & Frequencies

Imagine a Divine Light Alchemy session, where we are able to access to a Multidimensional Library of Higher Consciousness Channeled Frequencies, AH Codes and MED & Holosets Modules. That is the Divine Magic that is available from within the Quantum Scalar Pyramid Healing Chamber.      

Quantum Cosmic Maya Channel Healing Frequencies


I was Attuned to a Reiki Level 3, Master & Teacher, years ago & I have been Channeling Higher Dimensional consciousness beings & frequencies for years, so discovering these new Mayan Cosmic Theurgy Channels was the next leap to providing Divine Light Alchemy 2.0 Clearings & healings.  

One of the most known & many are familiar with is Reiki channeled healing.

The Cosmoenergy Method involving the use of external energy information channels has the potential to provide the activation of the inherent potential of an individual, resolve tension and stress, and assist  with the transformations of pathological processes that leads to “dis-eases” and a variety of life issues & & situations that seem unchangeable.

Incorporating Cosmoenergy with the Multidimensional processes we do enables a way forward to achieve self-healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as to achieve self-improvement with the use of the universe’s informational constituent known as “channels”.


Quantum Egyptian Divine Magical “Sweeps.”

This New Divine Light Alchemy Dimensional Clearing Process, I term, “Divine Magical Sweeps,” combine several amazing techniques.

I use the “Magical Sweeps” to scan, search, identify & then clear & dissolve the specific matrix field of information of whatever required disentangling, clearing & releasing.  They have been programmed to include a very large list of discordant, detrimental, energies, programs, patterns, etc., that are creating the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, or spiritual patterns of any specific Issues & challenges in the major areas of our life, Health, Abundance, Relationships, Career & Wisdom/Spiritual.  

Using the Divine Light Alchemy Magical Sweep, with the Modules & Frequencies, we are also including, within in each of the levels, (Physical Body, Etheric/Prana, Emotional, Mental, Karmic, Spiritual/Soul Level & Divine.), all planes and all of your existences in all of your timelines.   

We Offer a Variety of Divine Light Alchemy Sessions 

 to Assist You with Whatever you Desire to Achieve. 



Pyramid Energy Healing

The Divine Light Alchemy Scalar Pyramid Energy, assist you with your Divine Intentions.

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